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Getting to know new places, having fun, relaxing, getting out of the daily routine are some of the most common reasons that motivate you to organize a trip. Then you go on vacation, leaving the obligations aside with the sole objective of enjoying and, after a few days, you return “renewed”.

According to experts in the field, Kanagawa Jinga will explain to you on how travelling has its interesting benefits…

You find new solutions

The same problems seem minor. Travelling broadens your view of the world, increasing your ability to find solutions as you learn about cultures different from those around you on a daily basis. In addition, being away from the everyday makes you think more abstractly, making it easier for you to find more ways to resolve situations.

Stimulate your creativity

Numerous neuroscience studies have shown that when you change landscape or environment, you observe different ways of thinking and expose yourself to new experiences, causing your brain to create new neural connections, i.e. other forms of thoughts appear, making you become more creative.

You’re amazed again

When you travel, the state of astonishment caused by seeing things for the first time, returns to the brain, because everything around you is new, different, like when you were a kid. This not only produces a greater development of the ability to be surprised, but a journey can be perceived as.

You live longer

Research on time perception indicates that adults have a more compressed sense of time than children, but this neuronal position that occurs when traveling -similar to when you were a kid- makes your sense of time amplify, so that a couple of weeks of vacation in Brazil can feel like a brief life. That’s why a trip is so refreshing.

Improve your health

Changes of environment are, without a doubt, opportunities to change habits, that’s why trips are ideal occasions to leave bad habits and start others that improve your quality of life, such as physical activity. Traveling to places other than the usual generates new and different associations in the brain, which make it easier, for example, to stop smoking.

You develop empathy

Your frame of reference will expand as you travel and see beyond your own culture. When you leave your daily environment you will have access to other realities, which will make you see “your world with other eyes” when you return. When you get to know other forms of life, you will tend to put yourself in the place of others. Often this attitude will allow you to develop empathy and humility.

You value your culture

Most travelers claim to value more of their own after returning from a vacation. What happens is that when you travel, everything is seen in perspective, and this is how different cultures help you to value more what you have at home, from a natural landscape, through a typical empanada, a good wine, and even the language.