TikTok in the classroom for emotion management

TikTok in the classroom for emotion management

With the emergence of the Internet our lives changed radically. The use of social networks represents for the human being a virtual link with society, changing the way we relate and communicate with others.

Some people even interact more with their peers in this way than in physical form; a situation that directly or indirectly impacts their emotions by involving elements such as sense of belonging, acceptance or recognition.

Therefore, schools must find ways to incorporate the use of social networks in class as part of teaching strategies, which promote a link with students, but which, in turn, facilitate the teaching-learning process.

The good use of social networks allows students to access a lot of information, develop technological skills, as well as promote and facilitate the free expression of their emotions and ideas, as well as the identification of the teacher with his or her students by getting involved in activities and interests that are part of their daily lives.

The Asian social network free tiktok likes is a platform to create and share short videos (3 to 15 seconds) or long videos (30 to 60 seconds) which can be edited applying effects, filters, music backgrounds, among others. Its use has increased considerably among teenagers in recent months and currently has more than 130 million subscribers.

In this article I share with you an example of how to incorporate the social network TikTok to a class dynamic as part of didactic strategies that promote a link with the students, considering the boom that it has had in them, thus promoting the acquisition or reinforcement of new skills or training competences and facilitating the teaching-learning process from personal interests and motivations.

More than a technological tool, social networks play a very important role as a means of communication, interaction and global participation, in general “ICTs have become the most important agent of socialization and cultural transfer in this new millennium.

Therefore, it is relevant to design attractive and innovative didactic activities that integrate these technologies in class, without forgetting that they must have the purpose of benefiting the student’s learning process.

This is how an activity was designed for the students of Prepa Tec Morelia campus using TikTok, for the Tutoring subjects: Thinking Skills of the second semester; Personal and Professional Decisions I and II of the fourth and sixth semester, respectively.

The design of the activity was mainly directed to the topic of handling emotions emphasizing that, it is not a feeling, but the attitude with which we face the situations. We were also able to take up very important topics such as:

The care of the information published in social networks.

The pros and cons of social networks as part of the formation of the adolescent. Considering topics such as the decrease or change in which social interactions occur, the sense of belonging to be able to influence the subject’s identity, the freedom of expression of ideas and emotions, among others.

Addiction to social networks and how they can affect people’s emotional state.

The care of physical integrity, considering that the network is a viralized multiple challenges that adolescents themselves follow and that many challenges involve aggressions or activities of risk to health.


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